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What's in the Alley?

Sometimes you can find the best deals and the strangest things in the "alley." So, be an alley cat and prowl around for the latest tips through the Postcard Cafe® Alley Talk, an email tip sheet that comes to you monthly and contains a cache of trinkets and interesting trivia to ponder, plunder, and possibly purchase. No pressure, just stuff for your amazement, amusement and enjoyment ... a compilation of the best tips, special items or links of interest gleaned from the Postcard Cafe users' forums, as well as tips from the Discover America Through Postcards tour guides Ken & Priscilla. It's all about unique souvenirs, curiosities, special values, unusual finds, and memorabilia of the 50-states.
Sign up here. And if you tell us what cool state-themed souvenirs or curiosities you've found. Maybe we'll include them in our next edition.

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If you're interested in Alley Talk, you may also like to receive our weekly Discover America Through Postcards email newsletter featuring the beauty and wonder of America in a custom-made, information-rich postcard, providing a brief escape from your busy day, or a mini-lesson in the classroom.

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